Our Story

There’s one thing we know for sure: a bountiful and frosty harvest starts with high quality soil.

Think of those brownies that sent you into the cosmos. They were the best because they were made with premium ingredients and followed a specific recipe; to achieve the best result the ingredients can’t just be subpar, substituted, or changed if you expect the finest results.

We’ve learned this truth over the course of years and years of soil “recipe” perfecting.

What started as our small family garden, grew to be Grogg’s Green Barn

Our search began back in 2005

when we were desperately trying to find ways to support a family member who’d just been diagnosed with cancer. We knew that there was a connection between diet, environment and health. But what we quickly realized is that the world was still on the learning curve in this area. There weren’t very many options for readily available, organic food sources, free of junk and chemicals. And even more sparse was information about organic gardening in general.

So we spent countless hours researching and piecing together our best solution for organic gardening, and we started our own little garden at home hoping to grow high-quality fruits and vegetables for our family. And like every great seeker-of-better-ways, we tweaked things and learned as we went.

We are proud to be the first and only organic garden center in Oklahoma.

Community gardeners and local farmers spanning from all around and growing different types of crops flocked from all counties to learn and buy from us. We followed the need and continued our deep dive into research and development. We began educating people on organic farming & gardening practices. We became obsessed with education; the whole “teach a man to fish” idea…but teach a man to grow.

We also continued to perfect our soil recipe, which is the first essential step in any grow.

Over the past decade, as laws have shifted in favor of cannabis, farmers of traditional crops have started including and/or fully transitioning their production to cannabis.

And with legality has also come regulation and a growing need for the dankest buds.

This is where we come in as Omega Soils.

We have been consulting cannabis grow farms for years and supplying them with our living soil. Now we have turned our full attention to this need in the industry.

Our soil is different because it’s alive! Life stimulates and encourages more life.

We use premium ingredients and a proprietary blend of organic components, making our soil the highest quality mix you can find on the market. And like we said above, a quality product always begins with a dope recipe.

Our soil has been through the most comprehensive lab testing available

and now we are producing it for growers looking to get the best yields and make the most money off their outstanding frosty buds.

Our soil is different because it's alive!