Omega Soils are premium, all-natural, organic living soils that take you from seed to harvest.

Alpha Seed Starter Base Soil

Just as a great cook starts a soup with a perfect broth, Alpha is the perfect base soil for your killer grow.

Omega Living Soil

Omega is our premier signature product. It will take plants in all kinds of conditions from seedling to harvest.

Available as a super sack


Why Omega?

There’s one thing we know for sure:
a bountiful and frosty harvest starts with high quality soil.

Think of those brownies that sent you into the cosmos. They were the best because they were made with premium ingredients and followed a specific recipe; to achieve the best result the ingredients can’t just be subpar, substituted, or changed if you expect the finest results.

We’ve learned this truth over the course of years and years of soil “recipe” perfecting…


“Every day there is noticeable growth – it’s wild! The lab was like, “I don’t know what you are doing down there in Tulsa, but keep it up.”
-Doc Loc Grow Co.

Our soil is different because it's alive!